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    Judie Rene


    Owner and stylist of Marabou Curls Salon, a small salon suite in Fayetteville Ga . As a Salon Suite owner Judie has learned firsthand how important it is to set up your business the right way

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    01. Strategic

    Carefully design a long-term plan that will help you create a sustainable business.

    02. Professional

    Creating a enviornment that allows you to feel heard and understood while maintaining your excepetations. 

    03. Educational

    Support and honesty while helping you achieve your dreams.

    Since 2017 judie had been encouraging her fellow suite mate to do business for profit first. 

    After working in healthcare for several years, Judie decided to enter the natural hair and beauty industry. She used her degree in business support other. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and business communication  Judie understanding why start off the right way is vital to the success of a small business. Knowing when to scale and when to pivot is crucial after taking several training to further her business knowledge and is now sharing her knowledge. 

    Judie strives for excellence and it shows in her work. She takes pride in her craft and her clients’ satisfaction, maintaining a five-star rating on all review sites. Her mission is to help other